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Case Transcript

The entire Judge's Summing-Up speech can be downloaded in PDF format here

This is what the jury heard word-for-word, as delivered by The Honourable Mr Justice McCombe. 
(Officially transcribed by Cater Walsh Reporting Ltd).

The above content does not include legal arguments, rulings and other administration matters.

Name Corrections:

'Ascombe' should read 'Askam'
'Brierly' should read 'Brearley'
'Douthwaite' should read 'Dalthwaite'
'High Govern' should read 'High Duddon'
'Julie Walmsley' should read 'Judith Walmsley'
'Rode' should read 'Rowed'
'Rowe Island' should read 'Roa Island'

Appeal Transcript

The Appeal Transcript can be downloaded here