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IPCC Application - Appeal Upheld

In November 2006 Gordon Park Complained about Cumbria Constabulary to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The IPCC upheld Gordon's appeal against the police not recording 4 complaint points as complaints, but have allowed the police to dispense with an investigation on the grounds of a 12-month time limit.

This is after the police took 7 years to convict Gordon of a 28-year old crime he did not commit.

The IPCC gave Gordon Park a time limit of just 7 days to respond to the police's application for dispensation.

The following thread shows the dialogue between Gordon Park, Cumbria Constabulary and the IPCC. Some details have been omitted to protect witnesses.

- The Circuitous Route for the Jury here

- 14th November 2006 - Gordon Park's application to the Independent Police Complaints Commission

- 1st December 2006 - The IPCC Acknowledgement

- 27th December 2006 - Response from Police Headquarters - Carleton Hall

- 17th January 2007 - Gordon Park’s reply to the IPCC

- 19th January 2007 - IPPC Request more details

- 27th February 2007 - Latest reply from IPCC

- 7th March 2007 - Response from Police Headquarters - Carleton Hall

- 23rd March 2007 - Final Response from the IPCC